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AlphaWaterJay By AlphaWaterJay Updated Dec 27, 2017

The wind roared in my ears. 

The air swirled around me. 

I was its master. 

And it was my servant.

I was free.

I would always be free. 




A powerful name if you know the tale.

The greatest hunter that ever lived. 

The soon-to-be Queen Dragon-Born in the Fang clan.

But if only fate would allow it to be true.

With a haunted and mysterious past,

Ember will be thrust into a banned world across the border to decide the fate of her own world...

And one she barely knows.

Follow Ember as she learns what it truly means to be a Dragon-Born in a wizard's world.

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  • forbidenforest
  • fred
  • george
  • harry
  • harrypotter
  • hermione
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lovelotusflowerbomb lovelotusflowerbomb Apr 10, 2017
I almost blew my cover my family is awake and I almost laughed such annoying creatures
EllaT_1_2_3 EllaT_1_2_3 Nov 03, 2017
Just over here imagining Snape jumping away shrieking like a little girl
Trust_the_Pixiedust Trust_the_Pixiedust Dec 04, 2016
Oh gosh this is going to annoy me so much. No disrespect to you, dear author, but her name is spelt L-i-l-y, not L-i-l-l-y.
Dead_Violinist Dead_Violinist Apr 25, 2015
I love this!!!!!! Please update soon. I'm sure this will be a lovely book.