Immortal Injustice

Immortal Injustice

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Nicole Lambert By NicoleMLambert Updated Jan 17, 2013

This is the fourth novel in the Threatening Souls series.

Wherever one goes, their troubles are to follow.

After returning to Marywood only to find her entire family dead inside her apartment, Rebekah leaves the city shortly afterwards in order to escape from Henri’s grasp. In Athens, Greece, there rests a group of Innocents in which she chooses to live with along with a mysterious boy who she had met on the plane ride.

After countless days of trying to find the ones who had stolen Roseway from his grasp, Henri decides to change course and curse the very city that Rebekah had fled. With no one to stop him from doing so, history is sure to repeat itself.

Holly and Andre have also fled the city of Marywood in favor of the castle in Ivanestible. Yet shortly after returning in one piece, they are instantly thrown into a situation where they as well as the rest of the Royal Guard must hunt down the remaining members of the Rebel Clan while putting a stop to the mortal rebellion that continues to brew. Yet, Melissa has other plans in mind, which do not involve the mortals who are currently hunting her. She had promised Rebekah that she would play one last game, a promise that she has no intention of breaking.

Published June 8, 2016.

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