Cheating by Lust [Fairy Tail Lemons]

Cheating by Lust [Fairy Tail Lemons]

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Lewdie By LasciviousWriter Updated May 17, 2015

"Are you sure you want this, Luce? I don't wanna think I forced you into this." Lucy's boyfriend, Gray Fullbuster whispered in her ear.


Gray sucked on her neck. His hands trailing around her body. He felt so lucky to have a perfect girlfriend like her.

Gray gave her a deep and passionate kiss. For the years they spent in their relationship, he and Lucy is finally making love. 

"I love you.." he whispered in between their kiss. 

Gray's hand made it's way to her chest. He slowly moved his hand around, still in a deep kiss with Lucy.

He cut the kiss for air, making Lucy crave for more.

"G-Gray.." she called. 

The said man kissed her again, his lips trailing down to her neck, then to her chest.

He kissed every part of it. He loves every part of her.

He played with her left breast using his hand, while playfully sucking her right nipple.

Gray's free hand found it's way to her thighs. He caressed it slowly before pulling her skirt up, and her underwear down.

"G-Gray!" L...

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Bemyguardian Bemyguardian May 09, 2017
so is lisanna dominate? that would make natsu submissive. 👌
rockincat28 rockincat28 Feb 02, 2017
*laughs nervously then punches both natsu and gray in the gut* "listen up kiddo I have one think to say to you and that is WHAT HAVE THEY BEEN TEACHING YOU!?"
Dragon_Loli429 Dragon_Loli429 Feb 20, 2017
You want the most perfect person o
                              In the UNIVERSE to take care of BITCH JR?
galaxypeep123 galaxypeep123 Jun 12, 2016
I do not ship this marriage. all.. I love lisanna , but I ship either Gratsu, NaLu, or etc...but I have to say no to NaLi
Insane_Shy_Fairy Insane_Shy_Fairy Dec 06, 2016
Well I got the wrong teacher but I still think that Natsu teaches her also
Levisenpaiwillbemine Levisenpaiwillbemine May 28, 2016
When u find out natsu has a child with lissana I was like bitch what