When We Were Younger || Camila/You ||

When We Were Younger || Camila/You ||

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wonderless By addictedtocabello Updated Apr 22, 2015

Y/N was just a normal kid, as normal as you can ever be. Well maybe not a bit, because she was gay and had a crush on Karla Camila Cabello, who by the way doesn't even know she exists and probably straight as a pole. But hey, being different is good.

Camila Cabello never liked being alone or left out, thus trying to fit in with the popular kids. She also wanted to fit in because she didn't want to be bullied. Again.

Then later, they cross paths as Y/N saved Camila from the bullying of the immature students. A wonderful friendship starts to bloom between them, and things just kinda happened, they just started to fall for each other. Y/N knew she was falling for her but Camila didn't. Well more of denied it.

After an incident that happened to Y/N causing her to move, what will happen to them? Will they still meet again? If they meet, would they confess their feelings?

It all would've been easy, if Y/N was still the same Y/N six years ago.

Wtf, Kris is literally my best friends nickname holy shot! Yassss!
That's my real name but it will work some people have the same name
were is my best friend at like is she just watching me get my ass beat or
The name Raquel won't ever rhyme 😂 it sounds dumb just saying it 'clumsy raquel'
If your gonna go down, than u better go down classy bitch siempre sendo una diva 💁🏼
breharmony breharmony Feb 15
I eerily relate to this story a lot, my friend told me to tell my crush/former best friend that I was over her, but I wasnt. She found out I liked cause it was a rumour, and I said "Yeah it's legit."