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The Evil Within Markiplier/Darkiplier x Reader

The Evil Within Markiplier/Darkiplier x Reader

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BrokenApart By BrokenWithoutYou Updated Jun 20, 2015

This is a Darkiplier/Markiplier x Reader story. Enjoy!

You just finished your first day at Pax East and you got to meet your favourite youtuber, Markiplier.
He acted exactly how you thought he would, happy, energetic and funny.
You gave him a hand made plushie of his Minecraft skin.
Just after the day ended you were sorting out your items.
As you were sorting out your items you heard a deep voice call out your name.
You looked up to see the Youtuber himself.
You were surprised that he remembered your name but he said that you stood out to him.
He asked you to go with him, not saying where.
You accepted, knowing that you were going to get kicked out of Pax East anyways.
He took you to a dark hallway.
And that's when everything changed.

I don't own things that I mention that are like, games, websites, ect.

- Contains Swearing
- May Contain Mild Abuse
- Contains Creepy Scenes


Can I just Change the Story completely and Make it more like me?(I know it's a joke)
You could know.....use your hands to keep your eye lids open....
Ummm no this is why you bring your new Adida's EVERYWHERE NIGGA TIME TO HAUL ASS
Hmmmm. Yeh, you are correct. False info about me. :3 because I watch spn, and know a demon when I see one.
peanut8834 peanut8834 Jul 15
you see when she got up is when my character broke cause i would have lied on the ground and pondered existence
OH WOW, the cliche, 'I am your worst nightmare' riiiiight. Dark. Ya oughtta do better if you want me scared.