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Trash Can

Trash Can

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fluffy By calculators Updated Jul 07, 2016

They hate themselves, not each other.

*cover by @SilverBanneret

YetiMoose YetiMoose Jun 11, 2015
Cant wait to read it! But I think I'll have to start tomorrow, its 5:27AM and I just finished The Cliche Curse....Gosh TCC put little butterflies in my tummy! And I cant wait for more butterflies in this book!
aristosachaion aristosachaion May 07, 2015
i seriously can't wait for all this to play out <3 it's already so interesting!
annenonymously annenonymously May 04, 2015
You have an amazing talent, and I REALLY love the way you write. You add some sense of humor to lighten up the story and keep it in it's good way, just like your other story (WHICH I FREAKIN' LOVE), The Cliche Curse. And I'm crazy right now. Like batsh*t crazy.
Crazy_author231 Crazy_author231 Apr 26, 2015
Oh my god your personality is just hilarious! I like this already idk it's cute and humorous AND it's (dun  dun dunnn) WELL WRITTEN! 
                              5 stars :*
misfires misfires Apr 24, 2015
Omg this is so like me!!! Haha, I can't wait to read more of this
exquisite-- exquisite-- Apr 16, 2015
Not even the first chapter and I'm already grinning stupidly :D