Just Another Bad Boy

Just Another Bad Boy

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louis_biceps By louis_biceps Updated Mar 10, 2015

{This is a finished story}
"Vanessa?" A deep voice called out. I turned to face him, quickly wiping away the tears that began. 

"Yes?" I smiled, holding my head a little higher. Vanessa Keating doesn't cry in front of anyone. She certainly doesn't show weakness. 

A lanky body was leaned against a gleaming motorcycle. His aphotic hair was mussed onto his head and he took a drag from a cigarette that was wedged in between two of his fingers. A denim jacket sat on top of a white v-neck. Despite how cold it was, that's all he was wearing, besides jeans and shoes. Sunglasses rested on his nose, unable for me to see his inky eyes. 

"Everything alright?" He called from about ten feet away from me. 

"Yup. Everything's fine," I lied. 

He flicked the butt of the cigarette to the concrete, putting it out with his foot. Wasn't he scared he was going to get caught? He was on school grounds.

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