It was a Mistake (NaLu) ✅

It was a Mistake (NaLu) ✅

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After they celebrated their graduation at the bar, Lucy took Natsu to his house, and they made the BIGGEST MISTAKE.

For the past two months, Lucy has been feeling sick and eventually found out--she was pregnant.

Five Months, and Lucy hasn't talked to Natsu about her pregnancy. And doesn't want to tell him. She was scared that there was a slight chance Natsu might never accept Nashi, the name she gave to her baby, as his own.

Will Lucy be able to tell Natsu eventually?


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batbread batbread 2 days ago
Nothing, just thinking about how I'll never be in a relationship with you
Why would she randomly throw in a japenese word while talking?
Corona_Frost Corona_Frost 2 days ago
WAT?! I ship Jerza and all but college pregnancy is NOT right. That's too liberated in my opinion.....
batbread batbread 2 days ago
You think he will understand or even remember what you just said he's fvcking drunk
Corona_Frost Corona_Frost 2 days ago
Am I the only one who thought that she said: "Man. I should really get "laid" for doing this"?
Hasn't she been drinking? Oh yeah! Sure! Go in the car and DRIVE, and then get in a car accident and DIE!