It was a Mistake (NaLu) ✔

It was a Mistake (NaLu) ✔

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After they celebrated their graduation at the bar, Lucy took Natsu to his house, and they made the BIGGEST MISTAKE.

For the past two months, Lucy has been feeling sick and eventually found out--she was pregnant.

Five Months, and Lucy hasn't talked to Natsu about her pregnancy. And doesn't want to tell him. She was scared that there was a slight chance Natsu might never accept Nashi, the name she gave to her baby, as his own.

Will Lucy be able to tell Natsu eventually?


started : apr. 08, 2015
ended : may 06, 2015


This beautiful cover was made by : @secretlyuchiha

Thankies again, dearie!

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I thought Erza said she was gonna help raise it for adoption and volunteer...... 
                              I’m sry
Really? Is it that important for us to know that? Like-jus- Ugh no
She either has experience or she reads an unhealthy amount of fanfiction
Shut up and get out Lisanna. I wish I could look at you so I could not look you.
Yah, just say she found a baby on the road with Natsu’s DNA. He’ll never suspect a thing
This was made two years ago, honestly anyt great thing that was made a long time ago makes me sad bec I wasn't there to enjoy it with everyone else or something ;-;