One Piece x Reader

One Piece x Reader

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Little-o-me By me_a_soma_fan Updated Nov 05

Basically the characters in One Piece x Reader. 

I will be taking requests if you have an idea. Please don't be shy. There are no such things as a bad idea in my book. 

Also please tell me if you like it or not. 
Your opinion counts. 

Enough of me taking, it's time to get that romance of yours going.

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Sanji: Hey Zoro, are you..... crying.......?
                              Zoro between tears: .....C-cream cheese....
Yummyp133a Yummyp133a Jul 20
Black pants, black shirt with long sleeves, gloves, cape, socks, scarf,boots, and black hat. I just like black.
I have one the captain son cute or handsome😂😬
black hoodie, black leggings, black boots, a black beanie and a navy blue scarf >:3
I love how I was looking at this word weirdly and remembered it's spelled captain not caption but there's nothing wrong with a few misspells
I'm Wearing What Cana From Fairy Tail Usually Wear's But With A Short Jacket Over The Bikini Top.