Bonded by Fate (Boyxboy)

Bonded by Fate (Boyxboy)

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Skye By Sirama218 Completed

Green and Red are both normal boys in high school hoping to find their bonded partner, bonded-as in soulmate for life. Let's not forget Gold, Silver, Black, N, White, Yellow, and Blue of course! Let's see them survive high school together and maybe, just maybe, find their bonded pairs.

Spoiler alert, as if you didn't know, originalshipping and preciousmetal shipping of course, others may be added later.

Rated M-yaoi.

(Btw, if you haven't read my first fanfic, this is my second one, read 'Just Our Love Story?'- also GreenxRed)

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Black x Red, likely thing to happen in a Red x Green fanfic (wait ive read clingyshipping when theyre was coldcoffee so nvm)
AnimeOtaku2001 AnimeOtaku2001 Sep 08, 2016
it's called jealously green you get it when you are in LOVE with someone
Fluioana Fluioana Aug 21, 2016
I'm going to drown in my tears of happiness. Finally a fanfic where they are soulmates! (Are atleast I haven't found one like this!)
The_Great_Legna The_Great_Legna Jul 26, 2015
I can't wait to read the next chapter,  hope it comes out real soon
SaishiKurenai SaishiKurenai Apr 11, 2015
Dear Green, you've just experience jealousy.... 
                              Mehehehehe. .
KittenCatX3 KittenCatX3 Apr 09, 2015
Omg!!! Ur such a good author!!!!!
                               (⌒▽⌒) I love this story super duper much~ such good ideas!!! plz do keep writing my lady *bows down to ur awesomeness* thanks for entertaining me so much X3