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Yaoi One Shots

Yaoi One Shots

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TheGirlInYourCloset By TheGirlInYourCloset Completed


This book is filled with smut and fluff, but mostly smut, if I misspelled something or I've put something grammatically wrong, please comment so that I can edit it and thank you at the bottom of the story you helped me in. Thank you in advance! <3

I'm terribly sorry to the people that kinda liked this book, I kinda lost the spark with this thing, I'm better at drawing it in comic form than in written form. I did enjoy writing these~

Imperfect_0101 Imperfect_0101 6 days ago
I don't know when this ship set sail... BUT I SHIP IT HARDCORE!
XxWhiteNekoxX XxWhiteNekoxX a day ago
I cant believe I'm already saying this so early in the book. 
                              Jesus take the wheel..
chippy82577 chippy82577 Mar 14
                              US A CONDOM KIDS!
                              my touch, is dark and poisonous.
                              its nothing like my drunk-punch kiss I know you need it, can you feel I drink the water, DRINK THE  WINE!!!
Imperfect_0101 Imperfect_0101 6 days ago
I'm literally okay with any gay ship from FairyTail XD It could be... Gajeel and... Rufus.. IDK I JUST LOVE YAOI AND FAIRYTAIL XD
chippy82577 chippy82577 Mar 14
U TALKING? YOU DO THAT ALL THE TIME...just lime my family(into my room), except mom... Who understands.
TLRGaming TLRGaming 2 days ago
Awe The ship. But no. Fairy Tail is the last anime I ship Yaoi, well except for Freed x Laxus I mean come on