Yaoi One Shots

Yaoi One Shots

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This book is filled with smut and fluff, but mostly smut, if I misspelled something or I've put something grammatically wrong, please comment so that I can edit it and thank you at the bottom of the story you helped me in. Thank you in advance! <3

I'm terribly sorry to the people that kinda liked this book, I kinda lost the spark with this thing, I'm better at drawing it in comic form than in written form. I did enjoy writing these~

Yes, love it and Hey! I'm Gray Fullbuster so be nice to him, he can have beds and stuff mean writer xD
I'm so disgusted, I was watching fairy tail like yesterday and now I hate the show. Ty🙂😭
D_iyQueen D_iyQueen Aug 07
🎶🎶🎶Some call it magic!!!! The things that I read!!🎶🎶🎶
"There right there. Look at that condescending smirk. Seen it on every guy at work. That is a metro hetro jerk. That guy's not gay. I say not gay."
                              GAJEEL AND NATSU?! A SHIP?!!😱
                              OMG I GOTTA SEE THIS!😱
szdxfghj szdxfghj Aug 03
There right there look at that tan well tinted skin look at the killer shap he's in look at that slightly stubly chin oh please he's gay, totally gay!