Yaoi One Shots

Yaoi One Shots

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This book is filled with smut and fluff, but mostly smut, if I misspelled something or I've put something grammatically wrong, please comment so that I can edit it and thank you at the bottom of the story you helped me in. Thank you in advance! <3

I'm terribly sorry to the people that kinda liked this book, I kinda lost the spark with this thing, I'm better at drawing it in comic form than in written form. I did enjoy writing these~

hiddeninthesky hiddeninthesky Nov 13, 2016
yaoifangirl707 yaoifangirl707 Dec 21, 2016
but.......but......levy.....and .....just WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY
Ikethebrave Ikethebrave Dec 21, 2016
I myself don't personally like this ship bbbuuuttt.....I LOVE FAIRY TAIL!!!
midnight_gladiator midnight_gladiator Nov 25, 2016
Bad idea...
                              Juvia stalks gray everywhere...
                              She'll be watching
xX-Len_Kagamine-Xx xX-Len_Kagamine-Xx Dec 23, 2016
My eyes won't miss it either, this story has my face 1 inch away from my screen
isaiahabby1978 isaiahabby1978 Dec 07, 2016
"That's a first, its cold." *reads line then dies from laughter* XD 😂😂😂