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Yaoi One Shots

Yaoi One Shots

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TheGirlInYourCloset By TheGirlInYourCloset Completed


This book is filled with smut and fluff, but mostly smut, if I misspelled something or I've put something grammatically wrong, please comment so that I can edit it and thank you at the bottom of the story you helped me in. Thank you in advance! <3

I'm terribly sorry to the people that kinda liked this book, I kinda lost the spark with this thing, I'm better at drawing it in comic form than in written form. I did enjoy writing these~

I have a feeling happy or Lucy's gonna walk in any minute and be like, "okay then, um I think I forgot my brain at home, brb."
FemRussia FemRussia Jan 21
Look at that tan well tainted skin. Look at the killer shadow he's in. Look at that slightly stubbly skin. Man he's gay totally gay.
yaoifangirl707 yaoifangirl707 Dec 21, 2016
but.......but......levy.....and .....just WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY
Ikethebrave Ikethebrave Dec 21, 2016
I myself don't personally like this ship bbbuuuttt.....I LOVE FAIRY TAIL!!!
new fave fairytail ship! Also would have been more exiting if it WAS a torture smut but i love it anyways. Ur a good writer, great job!!!
Well I can, bish!
                              *Walks in yo room*
                              I'm Markiplier!!!
                              *Walks out*