Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines

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Tom Ridgewell and Tord Larsson were like parallel lines. They were never meant to cross, meet, touch or intersect with one another. But sometimes things aren't always accurate with the eyes can see.

- Eddsworld AU fanfic -
- Tomtord -

---Chapter 7 makes this story Mature---

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-Shaad- -Shaad- Aug 08
the fact that everyone thinks it's a home stick reference but it's not
MusicalHarp MusicalHarp Mar 19
😆 I love how odd that is. Wait would tat mean you sorta like Edd. 😕 that seems odd.
Tom: "no I think the gayness is getting to me edd. THE GAYNESSSSSSS"
                              Edd: *slowly backs away*
MichiBF MichiBF Mar 17
"I'm not so sure myself, but it's rude to assume but they rather look male but ey, you never know" I got really happy when I read that XD I dunnu why, guess I just like ppl who think that way  =>W<=
*when u realize that you have no idea what Homestuck is*
                              sah dudz?
*runs and smashes pool table*
                              *takes a poo on the computer*
                              *gets drunk*
                              FŪCK DA POLICE