My Lullaby

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Juliette By foreverxYours Updated 4 years ago
Every night, there's one thing that April needs to sleep: Connor. His voice, his breath, his smell, his touch. It's everything April every needed. However, at school, it's a completely different story. Connor, the popular hot guy has never acknowledged April, the shy genius. So why did he come over every night? Truth is, even April didn't know the answer to that, and she barely cared. If Connor was in her room every night, then it was fine with her. But when Connor tries to close that gap between them in public, how's that going affect his friendship with April?
Yeah this is my third time, I wish I could find another story just as good because it seems that after nearly three years this book would never be updated again.
I'm reading this for the fourth time!!! That hoe much I love it !!
really cute first chapter! I wish they were together in public too.! I'me excited to readon! you did very nice with the details in this chapter! I know I promised a long comment but there isn't much I can say because it was fairly short. Great job though!
really cute!!! love this!! your writing is amazing and the story flows nicely
lol seems like one of the classic i fell for my bestfriend story which makes me wanna know what twist you're gonna put on it.
I loved your description. The dialogue moves the plot along well but also gives great insight into the relationships between the characters. Great job!