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hidden ➵ camren (sequel to defiance)

hidden ➵ camren (sequel to defiance)

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♡ By seasidecamila Updated Nov 20, 2016

Imagine this. You live in a world were you have an eye color of your own and one from the color of your soulmates. Sounds simple, right? Not when everything gets complicated. Then you're completely wrong. ((Sequel to defiance))

cover creds to: me

Twitter: @seasidemila

5Hhaskilledme 5Hhaskilledme Nov 24, 2016
Hold up, hold up, hold up
                              You mean to tell me that this is some Divergent shít?!
                              Oh hell nah
AlexanderIsGayerDanU AlexanderIsGayerDanU Oct 24, 2016
^lmaooo. But this is like Divergent dnmsndmsmdnsjsn i luv u author so much :")))
living_freegi living_freegi Aug 25, 2016
I'm getting too into this during school help me and the girl I like is 2 seats away on the floor kmssss
HelpImCamrenAf HelpImCamrenAf Nov 09, 2016
Always laughing in serious situations, if this ain't me 💀