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        "why am i here" Jodi asked as she awoke from her comma in complete shock about being in a hospital. "well ma'am they found you badly beaten in a alley when you arrived her you had slipped into a comma and youve been out of it for about a month and a half".

        i didnt remember shit about being beaten up last thing i remember was getting high and going to see my client everything after was a complete blur.

        "The police have been waiting for you to awake they wanted to talk to you to find out what happen". i looked away from the doctor lady "i dont want to speak to them alright i just want to be alone".

        "Okay i'll let them know how about Rahkeem James he's been waiting on you to awaken as well". "Rahkeem"? "yes ma'am before you slipped into your comma you asked for him and we done everything in our power to find him and he's been here every since we did.

        I hadnt se...

DawnyaGee DawnyaGee Jan 12
That’s How My Daddy Got Shot ...Having Crack Around His Crackhead Ass Friend!
AwesomeNrealLIFE AwesomeNrealLIFE Oct 14, 2017
Should've called on Rahkeem such thing as a casual crack smoker
ChanelleFox ChanelleFox Jun 28, 2017
It's good so far but there's no periods so idk when the sentence ends.
SlimeeSosa SlimeeSosa Nov 03, 2016
It's been a whole ass month in a COMA, what makes them think she'll remember 💀
grungeeeee grungeeeee Apr 09, 2015
Love the plot already... A few minor issues, but I know I'll like it.