Billionaire Boyfriend (Army Boyfriend sequel)

Billionaire Boyfriend (Army Boyfriend sequel)

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Ethan, the youngest child of Rose and Danny. He is now twenty seven years old and he is making lots of money. He is also very famous for his work. He has a brother and a sister and both of them are very happily married with children. He longs for that type of commitment. 

That is when he meets a young, kind, and beautiful teacher, Jasmine Grey. He instantly falls in love with her. But she does not feel the same way towards him. she finds him greedy, rude, and selfish. That is until she finally falls for his charm. 


"I find you very greedy and rude. I do not wish to go on a date with-" he cut her off by placing his lips over hers. They kissed for the longest time until she pushed him away. 

"I also find you very bossy and high handed. Did I mention that?" she laughed. 

"No" he smiled at her.

If you have no read the first book, 'Army Boyfriend' I highly recommend it. It is a great book.

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marvelsfreak marvelsfreak Sep 08, 2017
Babe... U have work to do till 3😂😂😂 no sleeping honey
chocolatelove58 chocolatelove58 Jul 07, 2016
He is 27 now which is ten years after his parents' death so when they died he would have been 17...
mommapunkin mommapunkin Jan 07, 2017
So his mom was in her 50's when she had an other words he was a menopausal baby.....
thatsobri99 thatsobri99 Apr 01, 2016
he was 19 when his parents died and it sais that this is set 10 years after their death, but why does it say that he is 27 when he should be 29???
allieharrie allieharrie May 28, 2016
Wow he must have been really old. At least 95. If his dad was 72 when he died.