Verba Amatoribus: A Poofless Fanfiction

Verba Amatoribus: A Poofless Fanfiction

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**Under editing**

Your sixteenth birthday here on earth is supposed to be something special.  

For most people it is, for most people it is one of the most exciting days of their lives. Rob isn't most people though.

On your sixteenth birthday you get your Verba Amatoribus which is basically a tattoo of the first words your soul mate will ever say to you. On Rob's sixteenth birthday he didn't get his Verba Amatoribus. Rob is a solus.

Solus are not the most respected group of people on earth. Who are we kidding, mostly everyone on earth has a strong distaste towards the solus.

Rob went through the first twenty one years of his life alone, believing that he would be like this forever. That is until he met Preston, some random guy he met on the street, claims that they are soul mates.

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xX_877_241_lunaXx xX_877_241_lunaXx Nov 19, 2017
Rip sanity
                              Cause of death:
                              Died of smut thoughts after going to dirty mind place cause of what Rob said. XD
Jury0f9 Jury0f9 Mar 13, 2017
LMAO NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT IT DOES 😂😂😂 thx now I'm gonna be laughing everytime someone says 'YouTube'
qwertybelle47 qwertybelle47 Dec 21, 2016
And the fat greasy people, ammirite? Wait im one of those people... *wipes burger crumbs off of face* nvm carry on
coconutflavoredcacti coconutflavoredcacti Feb 26, 2017
i'm reading this for the third time and now reading this in 2017 i couldn't agree more given the current politics
-Qwertygirl- -Qwertygirl- Aug 21, 2016
What's great is that YouTube was going to be a dating app xD
_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ Sep 11, 2016
Maybe his word thing was on his dïck so he couldn't see it. Or like in his nose.