Only You ( KilluGon ) {FIN}

Only You ( KilluGon ) {FIN}

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Feisty Nugget By Gumonyourshoe Completed

Killua and Gon face their hardships together, but it seems the problems never end. They face relationships, accidents, gangs, even the new trouble boiling up in school. God, when can these two get a break. 
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Cover art belongs to @killunyarf on tumblr, check them out!!! (Posted with permission)

Good news!!! I am updating every few days so don't feel sad when you catch up! 

FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME FEEDBACK!!! I am always looking for ways to improve my writing, I'd love your opinions!

I honestly meant for this to be a nice sweet story with happy endings but life got to me. 

I started this nearly a year ago, please don't judge my writing at first. It takes like 10 ish parts in for it to get better. I've had a few flukes where my writing got sloppy. 

This story contains violence, abuse, suggestive themes, DANK MEMES, and hella gay staring. 

I don't own hunter x hunter or any of the characters.

randumgurl02 randumgurl02 Jul 13, 2016
Man I was jut about to say
                              "Yeah, as straight as a line I draw"
                              (Wich isn't very straight  even with a ruler)
palmyra26 palmyra26 Jul 17, 2016
I was just about to say 
                              "Killua, you are as straight as a rainbow 🌈"
KilluaZoldyckismybae KilluaZoldyckismybae Sep 05, 2016
                              LISTEN TO IT ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
cherrypop2473x cherrypop2473x Jun 20, 2016
Oh god I laughed so hard at leorios face on cover part photo 😂😂
jasmine3591 jasmine3591 Oct 15, 2016
So cute!!! Gon makes everything awesome #everythingisawesome
Wendy5050 Wendy5050 May 04, 2016
ok then. u as straight as spaghetti? (until it gets hot and wet)
                              I hate my mind sometimes but I friking love it right now^