Love at First Kiss

Love at First Kiss

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"Oh? What if I don't like it?"

In my periphery, I see him glance at me. "We'll watch it anyway and I'll apologize later."

I know he's smirking. "I would never forgive you," I say, infusing my tone with mocking seriousness.

"I wouldn't expect you to, my fair lady."

"I'm not your anything."

He murmurs something under his breath, but the wind prevents me from hearing it clearly. It sounded suspiciously like "But you could be."


Can overprotective parents, a newly single best friend, a Homecoming Kiss, a dashing new neighbor, and three overbearing brothers possibly be compatible? Scarlett's about to find out exactly what can happen when so many things mix.

(#921 in Teen Fiction on 4-7-17!)

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                              Ashlynn, make better choices.
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StefLena StefLena Aug 06
Wait, so her mother burnt the food, told the dad to call Scar down in her beautiful dress to take the burnt food and dump it? Uh, that's kind of ludicrous of her mom and dad....🍳
????just bc u dont drink doesnt mean tht ur a bitch, lmaoo where she going
Wuuut ? I would kick him where the sun doesn't shine like exxxcuse meh boi
So she's named after a color, a greek goddess, and an ice cream brand? This name is really unique...
I always hide in the girl's bathroom. Use to do that at recess as a kid and I still do it.