Kyoya x reader  Turnabout Love

Kyoya x reader Turnabout Love

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pandapresident By pandapresident Updated Aug 08, 2017

An old friend of Haruhi's comes and steals away kyoya's heart? Well not at first she doesn't, the beginning is like a mental battle for the two. You went to middle school with Haruhi and were one of her best friends. You were accepted to Ouran just like Haruhi but you lived to far to be able to afford transportation. What happens when things take a change and the Ootori family pays the funds for you to be able to attend school? Will you and Kyoya ever be able to see eye to eye?

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But volleyball not "tennis". It's only cool when people grunt and the fact that Connie plays
SapphireBlue19 SapphireBlue19 Aug 02, 2017
Not to be rude or anything, but I know how some people can get when they see these things, but it's "comfortable." Sorry if it comes off as rude! I just have experienced people being harsh on authors because of simple spelling mistakes!
chirp23 chirp23 Jul 29, 2017
I can usually fit everything into my bag, its getting it out that's the problem
That’s literally me but instead of tennis it would be soccer
FiteMeBitchNugget FiteMeBitchNugget Dec 26, 2017
(If I had friends) 
                               Me: Heya Blue.
                              Friend: STFU Bitch.
                              Me: Wrong character ya fucktard.
                              Friend: I know. :)
YinYangYo2002 YinYangYo2002 Sep 01, 2017
Good news, fellas. I made an Rp book about Ohshc. The characters are open but please only one at a time.