Kyoya x reader  Turnabout Love

Kyoya x reader Turnabout Love

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pandapresident By pandapresident Updated Mar 29

An old friend of Haruhi's comes and steals away kyoya's heart? Well not at first she doesn't, the beginning is like a mental battle for the two. You went to middle school with Haruhi and were one of her best friends. You were accepted to Ouran just like Haruhi but you lived to far to be able to afford transportation. What happens when things take a change and the Ootori family pays the funds for you to be able to attend school? Will you and Kyoya ever be able to see eye to eye?

Psshhh I shouldn't be intimidated he's an INTJ and I'm an INTP we are ALMOST THE SAME He's basically like my dad
wen260 wen260 Mar 03
Me: hello is Juan
                              Friend: CCEEENNNAAA 
                              Me: you get me 
                              Friend: I know
mamo5702 mamo5702 Jun 12
His glare may be cold but it makes him all more attractive and mysterious.
Arly1423 Arly1423 Sep 17
Am I the only one who thought joey graceffa? ((.. Sorry if I spelled his name wrong... ))
How heavy is the bag? • w •"
                              I'm pretty sure that there is an elephant in their.
I always end up regretting decisions myself within books make. SO MYSELF STOP LYING, SHUT UP, AND MAKE. IT. WORK!!!!!!!!!