The five princes of konoha

The five princes of konoha

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AmayaHatake By AmayaHatake Updated Aug 21

Five princes Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru, Neji and Gaara must choose a bride by the age 18. They look for princesses but are not interested in them at all, what happens when their father asks them to choose a personal maid ?
Contains: Sasusaku  Naruhina Nejiten Shikaino Gaamatsu.          

(BTW i suck at descriptions).   Slight cussing here and there 

Enjoy!!!  :)

*snicker* if Orochimaru read this... he'd be SO happy. He's the king... a king albino snake!!! ^ω^✨
VicBvb VicBvb Jul 18
I thought this be weird (and forbidden love) if gaara x temari ship happen (their not brother or sister in this book but yeah.......................don't judge)
I Hate SasuKarin. No offence to SasuKarin fans. I prefer SasuSaku better. 😊
bvby_devil bvby_devil Nov 07
Why is she acting like she about to get a panic attack. Like calm down slender man is all the way in america. I think. Sorry if I offended anyone. I just do t like Hinata. But the back story is cute
VicBvb VicBvb Jul 18
First: the mist village princess ok 
                              Second : did u adopted these kid from the street or what (they look nothing like u..........ok maybe sasuke yes😑)