Dragon Age: A Tale Of Skies And Flame

Dragon Age: A Tale Of Skies And Flame

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Pokemon-Trainer99 By Pokemon-Trainer99 Updated Oct 06, 2016

"So, you must be Scarlett. How are you feeling?" The Inquisitor asked, as she mentioned for me to sit.

"I'm good thank you. I'm sorry to be blunt, but what is this meeting for?" I asked, accepting the offer and sitting down in a chair as Varric came and stood behind me, picking a cup up and drinking from it.

"Basically, we're deciding whether to trust you and let you stay." Cullen announced, as I nodded. "We're not trying to be rude but you appeared out of nowhere and collapsed on out doorstep. Nobody knows you, so we're trying to just be careful in these times."


A new threat has emerged; naming himself Corypheus and threatning all that stand in his way. Scarlett wakes up on a battlefield to see a whole town buried in snow and a whole army killed in the mountains, oblivious to the threat everyone faces. But will she stand with others and fight, or continue to flee from who she is?

Just an idea I came up with. The plot will be different to the events in the game, so, just a warning! It could maybe contain swearing and a few not so nice scenes, so i'm warning you about that too, but please enjoy!