Apocalypse Rising (Book Four)

Apocalypse Rising (Book Four)

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After losing her older brother, the Master, to a gunshot wound after The Year That Never Was, the Apocalypse is pushed back even further. But now that she has Jack back at her side and supporting her, she knows that she can push forward and keep going on.

Donna Noble has been searching for the Apocalypse ever since she refused to travel with her after her wedding was crashed. Now that she's found her, the duo go off among the stars, but what's bugging the Apocalypse is that no one has ever run into her twice before. Now Donna has done it, and the last of the Time Lords is naturally suspicious.

With Donna, Jack, and even Torchwood behind her, the Apocalypse is back and better than ever. But what happens when the mystery of the Medusa Cascade hits them, with all of reality at stake . . . and what happens when it's not just Rose that returns to aid her sister to the very end?

Fourth in the Apocalypse Rising series.


Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures are owned by BBC, and anything recognizable from there, including characters and dialogue, belongs to them. However, the Apocalypse is my own OC, and she belongs to me.

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WhatEvenIsGender WhatEvenIsGender Aug 08, 2017
Torchwood episode 6 season 1. I think. I just remember that's the one with the actual people. Not aliens.
-astrobabes -astrobabes Jul 31, 2016
                              Sensing A Theme Here..
MariaCrockett MariaCrockett Jun 24, 2015
It would be really cool if there was a metacrisis Rose, because then the other Rose could go back to the parallel world with her parents and new brother, while the original Rose could stay with Caly
TheDifferentGeek TheDifferentGeek May 07, 2015
It's okay everybody goes through Harkness deprivation. I've been there. We all have, and those who haven't are lying.
shavingforsherl0ck shavingforsherl0ck Apr 24, 2015
What is the target amount?! Did you mention somewhere?! I didn't see it in the introduction.... WHERE IT BE?! (Sorry.... It's just awesome to see tidbits of the whole plan you've worked out for these series, and the dedication you put into them to make these plans happen. I'm not mad. Sorry.)
shavingforsherl0ck shavingforsherl0ck Apr 24, 2015
I don't care that the updates will be slow, I'm just happy that she's back! (And I'm super duper excited to see a certain someone at the very end.... )