You Had Me At Hello

You Had Me At Hello

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This is a Destiel fluffy AU fanfiction based in a high school. 

Dean Winchester hates school. He usually spends his time flirting with girls and spacing out in class. But one day a new kid comes into school. His name is Castiel. Little did Dean know, this dorky little scruff is the turning point in his life. 

The main characters used in this fanfic are not mine and belong to the TV show Supernatural. 

Also, this is my first fanfiction so I'm still trying to build up my confidence, if you've got any criticism, please comment! 

I hope you enjoy! :3

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Sharpeyesharpshooter Sharpeyesharpshooter Sep 15, 2017
"I am an angel of the lord."
                              Teacher: Thats...thats very nice, Castiel. Go sit--
                              "Dean." *looks to Dean* "I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition"
                              Teacher: Okay! That was very interesting.... *nervously shoos him away into a seat*
I'd have been like "I'm weird asf and I need friends, BIDOOF"
Sharpeyesharpshooter Sharpeyesharpshooter Sep 14, 2017
What's my mum doing teaching math??!  She teaches English and history!
TheAwkwardRose TheAwkwardRose Dec 18, 2017
I realize it's another word for bookbag, I've just never heard it 😂
Sharpeyesharpshooter Sharpeyesharpshooter Sep 15, 2017
It just gives off the impression that his entire eye is blue, even the whites. I imagine it like that every time I hear "orbs" in replacement of "eyes"
Sharpeyesharpshooter Sharpeyesharpshooter Sep 15, 2017
And they were math buddies!
                              Oh my god, they were math buddies...