Shapeshifters: Dragonfire

Shapeshifters: Dragonfire

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Hi all. So basically I'm a shapeshifter. Yeah, awesome, right? Or it would be, if I could actually shift. Or do any of my Wildcard bonus powers. Which I can't. Yay.

To make things worse, the shifter's eternal enemies had to pick RIGHT NOW to launch their big attack, and I'M supposed to be the peacemaker. Cliché as hell, am I right? Seriously, me? The most useless shifter of them all? Well, I'm not supposed to be useless. I'm *supposed* to be the most powerful. The Protector. But, yeah, that's not working out.

The first Element I have to master is the Dragonfire. Should be fun.





You sure know how to make me laugh!
                              (I laugh at pretty much everything)
Purple_Rose03 Purple_Rose03 Sep 24, 2016
Buckle up everyone. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER .......... AWAY!!!!
aesthetic_whore aesthetic_whore Sep 07, 2016
wtf what is this arsenal of knowledge y'all have on this piece of tech jfc get some lives
I'm new to wattpad and you made an excellent first impression for what it has to offer. You're such a good writer!
snowqueenup snowqueenup Aug 16, 2016
Ok am I the only one who thinks is weird how CATS are going against DRAGONS!!!!!
- - Nov 01, 2016
I love it already and its just getting started! Can't wait to read more!