Shapeshifters: Dragonfire

Shapeshifters: Dragonfire

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Hi all. So basically I'm a shapeshifter. Yeah, awesome, right? Or it would be, if I could actually shift. Or do any of my Wildcard bonus powers. Which I can't. Yay.

To make things worse, the shifter's eternal enemies had to pick RIGHT NOW to launch their big attack, and I'M supposed to be the peacemaker. Cliché as hell, am I right? Seriously, me? The most useless shifter of them all? Well, I'm not supposed to be useless. I'm *supposed* to be the most powerful. The Protector. But, yeah, that's not working out.

The first Element I have to master is the Dragonfire. Should be fun.





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AngelAudreyCia AngelAudreyCia Dec 08, 2017
This is me whenever I look at myself in the mirror and 'attempting' to comb my bed hair. Did I mention 'attempt'?
Kimba_Rules Kimba_Rules May 29, 2017
Were you on survival craft? There was a similar themed world there once
iinkiie iinkiie Aug 28, 2017
Hold up! Is the mane character summer or the person who said
                              "Hey summer"
AvisNoctem AvisNoctem Aug 14, 2017
Heeeeeeeeeey i live in that country that nobody ever talks about
SalsaAndChips2 SalsaAndChips2 Nov 18, 2017
Say what? This person definitely didn't say she was the protector in the summary!
Time_Lady_Sianna Time_Lady_Sianna Oct 14, 2017
This reminds me of a story I read on here spots the character is named rylan he’s a lion shift