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Jen By peekabru Completed

She thought that wings
would allow her to fly. 
But, she didn't know it stings
to have it spread across the sky. 
So, she finally took a step
away from her own hell. 
With a smile that wept
the girl silently fell. 


A short story of a girl and her demons. 
Be careful of what you wish for.

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  • broken
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  • pain
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NicaroChadCoke NicaroChadCoke Oct 29, 2016
I love the fact that you turned you starting to write this story into a story. This is a good way to start.
                              -Critic Jason
PurpleReborn PurpleReborn Nov 03, 2016
 #believerbc hm this is very deep and gives you a perspective on both sides of the coin here. Not necessarily letting one overshadow the other giving this a sense of balance while also letting out a deeper hidden message
MariamSarhan MariamSarhan Oct 23, 2016
Wow! Just wow... I definitely would just read this. Like, it's superb! I don't think this books needs corrections at all basing on the intro. With such few words. You made me tongue tied. You're a genius. The definition is definitely very original. Can't wait to  see what's next.; )
JaxonBlacc JaxonBlacc Oct 23, 2016
Real good start. Short and sweet. I loved the ending where you compared Home to Hell, it just shows how much the MC has suffered to think that way.
SomebodyXXXXX SomebodyXXXXX Oct 26, 2016
I bet this book is fab and badaśś❤️❤️ sounds so good already
Euphoricslut Euphoricslut Nov 24, 2016
I made a banner for you in my book "book covers " i hope u like it :) i love your book its amazing!!!