The littelest  salvatore (klaus mikaelson love story )

The littelest salvatore (klaus mikaelson love story )

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Elsa is Stefan and Damon's little sister. Throughout her years she has spent time with both brothers, but has recently been alone. Now she is paying her brothers a visit in Mystic Falls, where she meets the most dangerous supernatural ever. Everyone hates him, but she falls for him deeply.

jamo6788 jamo6788 Nov 30, 2016
In every fanfic someone bashes on the grill I think it has become a tradition
verifiedbutera verifiedbutera Jun 14, 2016
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CrazyAssBitch4Life CrazyAssBitch4Life Sep 05, 2016
Girl stop lying to urself it the exact replica of Katherine don't act like an 😇 when it really the 😈
Lmao sure, as other fanfic books go your right Elena ur not like Katherine you are worse than her because u won't admit u have feelings for both of the brothers
River_Song_12 River_Song_12 4 days ago
is this a new game i see? tig, i never heard of tig how do we play?
hottisme hottisme Aug 19, 2016
That last line made alot of people comment about elena😂😂😂