The littelest  salvatore (klaus mikaelson love story )

The littelest salvatore (klaus mikaelson love story )

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Elsa is Stefan and Damon's little sister. Throughout her years she has spent time with both brothers, but has recently been alone. Now she is paying her brothers a visit in Mystic Falls, where she meets the most dangerous supernatural ever. Everyone hates him, but she falls for him deeply.

Oh yeah, and I totally didn't just mutter the word liar underneath my breath.
Are your pants on fire? *looks down at pants* *brings lighter up and lights them on fire* because all I HEAR is Lies
EmiLou2808 EmiLou2808 Aug 17
I used to play this game all the time when was a kid but it sounds so cringy when you call it tig 😂
EmiLou2808 EmiLou2808 Aug 17
Why do people always make those assumptions? 😂 can't a guy have a girl best friend and vice versa?
Hey, Elena. Remember that time your boyfriend was locked up drowning for a whole summer while you were snogging his brother? Yeah, at least Katherine knew when Stephan died
EmiLou2808 EmiLou2808 Aug 17
I legit burst out laughing at this. Can't wait to see the part in the book where she starts messing around with both of them