You Can't Hide (Vincent/Purple Guy X Reader)

You Can't Hide (Vincent/Purple Guy X Reader)

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Your POV

You walked to your job at Freddy Frazbear's Pizza. You were listening to your music. Someone bumped into you. You pulled out an earbud and called out to the person who ran into you.

"Hey! Watch out!"

The man didn't turn around, instead he just kept walking. 

'Jerk.' You reached your job and read a clock that said 11: 50. You went to your office and sat down in the chair. 

Time skip
Your E/C eyes began to droop. You didn't get enough sleep as you were playing your favorite game all day. 

Soon you heard something walking down the hallway. You looked at the cameras and saw the animatronics were where they should be. The walking turned to running. You began to panic. Then the power went out.

You looked around and saw a man standing in the left doorway.

"Hello there, sweetheart..."

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toxic-thoughts toxic-thoughts Nov 27, 2017
Sweetheart? Sweetheart?! Oh hell no!!! Get out my life,get out my face and GET OUT MY OFFICE your fired!
Skyrahpaw Skyrahpaw Aug 02, 2017
Umm the picture is Richard not Vincent and I'm pretty sure Richard is Vincent's brother (plz don't hate me )
MOFO_34 MOFO_34 Mar 01
Roses are red
                              So is duck tape
                              GET OUT OF MY HOUSE
                              CUZ I DETECT RAPE
Animalluv101 Animalluv101 Aug 31, 2017
lachelle1093 lachelle1093 Jul 27, 2017
Wow man if you come closer i have a rifle so come closer if you want to😡
Toy-luna182 Toy-luna182 Nov 09, 2017
*plays Die in a fire and sings along* "I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE!"
                              Vincent:WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME!!!
                              Me:BECAUSE I CAN