You Can't Hide (Vincent/Purple Guy X Reader)

You Can't Hide (Vincent/Purple Guy X Reader)

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Your POV

You walked to your job at Freddy Frazbear's Pizza. You were listening to your music. Someone bumped into you. You pulled out an earbud and called out to the person who ran into you.

"Hey! Watch out!"

The man didn't turn around, instead he just kept walking. 

'Jerk.' You reached your job and read a clock that said 11: 50. You went to your office and sat down in the chair. 

Time skip
Your E/C eyes began to droop. You didn't get enough sleep as you were playing your favorite game all day. 

Soon you heard something walking down the hallway. You looked at the cameras and saw the animatronics were where they should be. The walking turned to running. You began to panic. Then the power went out.

You looked around and saw a man standing in the left doorway.

"Hello there, sweetheart..."

*jumps out window* *goes to Undertale universe* *plays video games with Frisk*
Watching a Danganronpa Another Episode: UDG playthrough
......... #$# you , you little  #&$ 
                              *try to jump out window but bacon doesn't have legs so ends up stuck on floor*
I'm scared... So, so scared...
                              *I'm screaming like a banshie on the inside*
I thought this was gonna be some type of adventure like thing
                              Boi, I was wrong
- - Mar 29
*does 360 out the window, runs to friends house and bathes in holy water *