Her And Him (Completed)

Her And Him (Completed)

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LordVoldemortIsHere By LordVoldemortIsHere Completed

~~~Completed! ~~~

"Oh Hi. I'm Veera and I'm going to be your wife! Surpriiiiiiiiise!"

When fate decides to play a huge hand in one's life, what do you do? Oh that's right. You effing play along! This latest twist in Veera's life is a little different from everything in her past, though. 

She was getting hitched to a stranger. A brooding, drool worthy billionaire, no less.

Why, you would ask. Because!

Well, meet Her. The sassy, hilariously sarcastic, sometimes stupid, mostly foot in the mouth Veera Hudson.  Her penchant for 'It seemed like a good idea at the time' moments, coupled by her obsession with all things neon and her non existent comeback skills will make your day. 

Oh. And meet Him. Vidyut Rathore. Twenty eight. Chairman of the Rathore Industries. Powerful. Serious. Divinely handsome. Smells like heaven . Need i say more?

Do they love? Do they hate? Do two halves make a whole? 

WARNING : Strong language everywhere. Probably every other word. 
Veera means the brave     
Vidyut means lightning 
      Also, both Veera and Vidyut are half indians.

By the way, here's a virtual kiss for trying out my story! 

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Elea_ella Elea_ella Aug 16, 2017
I like you book its really fun........could you please used bold letters to separate the POVs if you think of editing your book😊😊
MartijnsPizza MartijnsPizza Aug 03, 2016
I love your style of writing oml this book is so good so far :3
kimberley_Adams kimberley_Adams Feb 12, 2016
Not your type? Girl who you kidding.? "Way too Handsome" is every girls type. Lol
lici333 lici333 Feb 22, 2016
Just started reading but this is a really good book and your a really good writer
Sapphires01 Sapphires01 Sep 25, 2016
                              This is funny!
                              I llove it
                              This girl "whatshername" is pretty entertaining
Lidia_Parker Lidia_Parker Feb 06, 2016
I love the intro....hope the story is as interesting as this one!
                              ATB for ur story.....hope it turns out well......