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She's a Vampire [H.A.V. SEQUEL - Gruvia/NaLu] ✔

She's a Vampire [H.A.V. SEQUEL - Gruvia/NaLu] ✔

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jimin's nose scrunches By parkjiminswings Completed

[ JUVIA'S P.O.V. ]

    Juvia doesn't feel confident about this but, here she goes. 

Juvia entered Gray-sama's work company. The office workers gasped when they saw Juvia enter and walk straight to Gray-sama's office. 

"Ah. I know who you are. I met you at the bar the other night." Gray-sama pointed at me. He shook his head, and handed his hand out. 

"How rude of me. To say something like that." He chuckled. "I'm Gray Fullbuster. The guy you helped and the boss of the FT company. Also, thank you for helping me." 

Juvia shook his hand in return. "Juvia is happy to meet Gray-sa--n." 

Gray-sama looked at me. "So, are you going to apply for a job here?" He asked.

Juvia shook her head. "Uh, J-Juvia's not-" 

"Please, sit down." He said voluntarily. 

Juvia sat down, dark red blood causing Juvia's face to blush and feel heat. "J-Juvia's not here to apply. Juvia is here to..." juvia took a deep breath before speaking. "...ask Gray-san on a date." 

Gray-sama paused for a bit. When h...

emmeneum emmeneum Apr 20
She talks in the 3rd freaking person, and has said her name like 8 times... and you still needed to ask Gray??
Artisticreate2122 Artisticreate2122 Oct 06, 2016
NALU NALU NALU NALU NALU (continues blabbering on about NALU)
CatalinaAndra CatalinaAndra Sep 06, 2016
*Bleahhhhhh* Pizza ? Weird....I ate pasta not pizza 🍝 ! 🍕?
Artisticreate2122 Artisticreate2122 Oct 06, 2016
OMFG OMFG OMFG!!! GRUVIA *clap clap clap* GRUVIA *clap clap clap*
Gruvia_Fullbuster Gruvia_Fullbuster Jul 08, 2016
Didn't she just say it like 20 times since she talks in third person???😂😂
Out of my small group of friends, I'm the only one(in that group, I'm in a lot of groups of friends) that can get dirty minded.