Harry Styles Slave

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Wizzel123 By Wizzel123 Updated 3 years ago
Hey, My name is Zoey But i mostly use zoe as my name, anyway my parents have sold me yea...and to harry yupp harry styles i hated it and i never thought i would ever like in or fall in love with him.... i guess i might be wrong...
I love ur story. If u can please read my story I'll comment more
okay to be honest xD the directioner wanna be her 
                                    and i want the money only xD
Please check out my fan fic. PLEASE!! Im new..... love this story
my name is Zoe! but y is my name always in a Harry sex fanfic??? not that I don't mind or anything... wait, forget I said that lol
OMG lol this book is funny I like it so far pretty interesting scence harry isn't actually like this lol xx bye! 
I CANT FREAKIN BELIEVE IT! YOU RIPPED OFF ANOTHER STORY CALLED 1Ds salve! We have already informed the writer of the other story and believe me shes angry! Shame on you!!