Coffee Break | ✓

Coffee Break | ✓

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[WARNING: extremely cliché content inside, read at own risk]

❝I'm starting think it's more than a coincidence that we keep going the same seat at the same time...❞ 

❝It's better than being a loner, right?❞ 

∘ ∘ ∘

The lives of two people who met in a coffee shop

[ mainly dialogue ]

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A O T ... A O T.... AOT😂 :3 ;D (snk, ) maybe someone understand it
I dated a boy named Levi when i was 8 and it was for 3 days and that's the only boyfriend I've ever had lol now we see eachother like once a year and instantly look away
@ceraunophic @OopsiDaisy you guys wrote this on my birthday!!! :)
I swear to God, I always say if I get a son his name will be Levi
writers365 writers365 Jan 04
The mere prospect of falling in love with a complete stranger is enough for me to go on reading this
OopsiDaisy OopsiDaisy Apr 25, 2015
it means that he was going the same thing like "nice to meet you too"