Unique (Creepypasta X Reader)

Unique (Creepypasta X Reader)

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'Sup bro? By MoonStoneKitty Updated Jan 11, 2017

(Y/N) used to live a normal life. I repeat: used to

Ever since that not-so-great incident, she discovers more about herself, and uncovers different shit she didn't know about herself. She now sees herself doing fucked-up things, like making eyeball kebabs.

A lot of both demons, monsters and Creepypastas alike took an interest on her, because of her being ~unique~

Why was she so special? Well, the description won't tell you, but I'm sure the story will!

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  • gore
  • horror
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BnTgr123 BnTgr123 Jan 15
-Hey! You okay?! Did she hurt you?! 
                              -No she was pinching my cheek as well as massaging it!
PotatoLover113 PotatoLover113 3 days ago
DAYYYUMMM!! *snaps my fingers like the mean girls in the movie mean girl*
BnTgr123 BnTgr123 Jan 15
He'd be at my legs the most.. Not sure really.. (I'm 5'6' or maybe. Just maybe 167cm-168cm)
I don't look like a cupcake...
                              I look like a Twinkie 
                              (IDK XD)
Pjofanforeverikr Pjofanforeverikr Dec 31, 2018
U shouldn't be sorry people need to get over it of they have the same name famous authors like Rick Riordan and jk Rowling have characters whose named Nancy and Draco but they don't say sorry.
Couple demons? It may seem that way but it's just our lord and savior Phil Swift watching us from afar.