Unique (Creepypasta X Reader)

Unique (Creepypasta X Reader)

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'Sup bro? By MoonStoneKitty Updated Jan 11, 2017

(Y/N) used to live a normal life. I repeat: used to

Ever since that not-so-great incident, she discovers more about herself, and uncovers different shit she didn't know about herself. She now sees herself doing fucked-up things, like making eyeball kebabs.

A lot of both demons, monsters and Creepypastas alike took an interest on her, because of her being ~unique~

Why was she so special? Well, the description won't tell you, but I'm sure the story will!

  • creepypasta
  • gore
  • horror
  • readerinsert
  • xreader
Raetchu Raetchu Oct 06
The Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO) and the Heroes of Olympus (HoO) fandoms are freaking out.
milkii_wayy milkii_wayy Aug 24
do not underestimate short people
                              if they ever wanted to fight you, they could tackle you from behind and catch you off guard
Your-aunt Your-aunt Sep 24
                              I MEAN I GOT SLAPPED AND GIT 7 HOUR DETENTION BUT I'M FINE
C u p c a k e
                              Did yOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER-
Your-aunt Your-aunt Sep 24
A couple of demons you mean like a relationship of demons or that demons were watching her? I'm sorry if i got someone confused
Little did she know that
                              S H E  R A N  I N T O  J O A N  C E N A