Unique (Creepypasta X Reader)

Unique (Creepypasta X Reader)

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'Sup bro? By MoonStoneKitty Updated Sep 28

(Y/N) used to live a normal life. I repeat: used to

Ever since that not-so-great incident, she discovers more about herself, and uncovers different shit she didn't know about herself. She now sees herself doing fucked-up things, like making eyeball kebabs.

A lot of both demons, monsters and Creepypastas alike took an interest on her, because of her being ~unique~

Why was she so special? Well, the description won't tell you, but I'm sure the story will!

Slenderman, oh you mean that guy who looks like a 9ft hitman with a bed sheet on his body with a suit and tie and he kills people with his tentacles while he lures them into the woods with his pages. I have no idea who he is.
I do have a best friend named Sidney but, she is in zalgos side.
candy-lin candy-lin Nov 16
Sorry I can't hear you through all the bull sh!t coming out your mouth so be kind and leave so I can finish watch my anime marathon.
I didn't black it I got hit in the head with a pan once but didn't black ot
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OMFG!!! am I a legit Strider now!?do i get my cool anime shades?!
What!!!!!.... coach hedge...what is he doing here.... ain't he surpose to be at camp half blood or camp Jupiter