Foreign Girl || Kwon JiYong

Foreign Girl || Kwon JiYong

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안나 By Khoul_ Completed

When AC moves to Korea for her new job, she didn't expect to be working with Kwon JiYong. 

She didn't really know much about him at first, just that he's a member of BigBang, but as they get to know each other better, she starts having uncontrolable feelings towards him. But what can AC do? She's just a backup dancer.

As JiYong and AC grow closer, someone else grows angrier and angrier.

[Book two is out]

laic2299 laic2299 Jul 05
I don't look like that... when most of u guys say u look like that. Meanwhile, I'm Chinese. So unless I swear contacts, I wouldn't have green eues
I have light brown hair and very dark brown (almost black) eyes
laic2299 laic2299 Jul 05
Maybe cause ur name is the easiest to remember... I mean... AC= air conditioner?
I'm black. Im thicc® and I have dark...dark....DARK brown hair. Dark...dark...DARK brown eyes. Im light skinned but still a little in the middle of the very light skinned and dark skinned. You can still see my blush doe. And well yeah so Ima pretend that's what the character looks like.
The odds of this happenin is like zero cause we all know da boii be ballin so he aint sharin
-elymx -elymx Jul 17
I'd refuse tf, I'm not staying in the same room as gd if I can't even look at him on stage