Living in Color [EgoBang]

Living in Color [EgoBang]

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N By RevengeOfTheGays Updated Apr 30, 2016

"Imagine an AU where the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate." (from apharthurkirklands on tumblr) 

Arin's world has been black and white his whole life. He's spent countless days trying to imagine what his life in color would be like. 

One day, when applying for a new job, he meets someone. As soon as they're introduced, his world instantly turns to color. 

The only problem? This person is another man.

Now that is something he never expected.

[Art by: pugbi on DeviantArt] [Cancelled]

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EmilyWright466 EmilyWright466 Apr 07, 2016
Aww yes! I love these "there's a way to find your soulmate" stories!
RavenDarkwing RavenDarkwing Feb 16, 2016
God, I would HATE not being able to see colour- I'm an artist, so it means a heck of a lot me... D: Great story so far, by the way!
ayyyylmao321 ayyyylmao321 Sep 20, 2016
But what if your soulmate was a stillborn, or was born in Africa and contracted Malaria at a young age and died.
Angeliclucifer Angeliclucifer May 16, 2016
Damn you know it's good if you've been reading for one minute and you're already invested
jeffew jeffew Oct 16, 2016
*Dan's voice in Super Mario Sunshine* I'M NOT CRYING! *sniffle* somebody put teARS ON MY PILLOW
amanderp_1 amanderp_1 Nov 30, 2015
I would never. They're all so fückin hilarious and adorable