Letting Him Go (A Gruvia Fanfic) [FIRST DRAFT]

Letting Him Go (A Gruvia Fanfic) [FIRST DRAFT]

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Kawaii_Madness By Kawaii_Madness Updated Jul 01

She gave up. 

He's too late. 

She's ready to let him go. 

He don't want to. 

Who's Gonna Be the first to say Goodbye? 

My First Gruvia Book Ever

Started : 4/7/15
Finised : 


By: Kawaii_Madness

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Hey, I love the rain. If I had Juvias powers it would rain a lot and I would love it
No your not your adorable and Gray doesn't deserve an amazing girl like you but he does love you he is just being a dense idiot
OokamiBella OokamiBella Apr 28
I love rain,especially when it rains so hard the school has to cancel classes
OokamiBella OokamiBella Apr 28
idk but I'm feeling angry rn and hungry.it's like 1:00 and I'm hangry
little_love_here little_love_here Nov 20, 2016
Is what im leaving right now, i think this would help me a lot on what to do😧😧
Slutah Slutah May 17, 2016
Rains calm and peaceful unlike the sun that burns yo eyeballs