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Fandom Imagines

Fandom Imagines

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(>•-•)> By Fandom-Before-Blood Updated Sep 22, 2016

I had too many Fandom's 
And too many ideas for imagines 
"Do I make a book for all of them?" I thought 
"God no, I would get them confused"
So this was the only solution 
One book
Many Fandom's. 
 here are the multiple Fandom's included in this book, feel free to request, don't be shy! 
-Maze runner 
-Doctor Who
-Star Trek
-Star Wars
-Dan & Phil
-Hunger Games                                                             
 -Attack on Titan      
-Gravity Falls
 -Guardians of the Galaxy 
-5 Seconds of Summer 
-Sleeping with Sirens 
-Fall Out Boy

And there you have it! I will try to update weekly, thanks for reading.                                                                      [I will specify if said imagine is of my own making or from Tumblr]
[i own nothing except for the ideas]

HeavenPageMongolia HeavenPageMongolia Jan 31, 2016
Hello! Can you make me an imagine with Minho from The Maze Runner? Please :3
                              Name: Alice
                              Last Name: Wander
                              Friend's name: Bianca
                              Fav color: Black & blue
                              Eyes: Dark brown
                              Hair color: Dark Brown
                              Hair Length: Very long :D
                              Fav song: Lana Del Rey - Shades of cool.
                              Please please ^^
LeahHollyWalker LeahHollyWalker Apr 30, 2016
can I have a marvel from the hunger games one-shot please.
                              Name: Louise
                              Last Name: Starken
                              Friends Name: Emma-Leigh
                              Favourite colour: yellow
                              Eyes: blue
                              Hair: red
                              Hair length: waist
                              Favourite song: I write sins not tragedies by Panic! At The Disco
                              Can she maybe be from district 12
cheyjara cheyjara Jul 22, 2016
I don't want an imagine but you should do peter hayes from divergent
goodvibesonlyman goodvibesonlyman Jan 11, 2016
Would you mind doing a Viktor Krum one? Maybe where you became friends while he was at Hogwarts and fall in love and after Cedric Dies he confesses his love to you because he sees how dangerous the TriWizard Tournament is, So you become a couple.
PotatoJona PotatoJona Nov 09, 2015
You should definitely make a part 2 of the eleventh doctor. It would be awesome
_Tori_Hanson_ _Tori_Hanson_ Nov 08, 2015
Name: Tori 
                              Last name: Hanson 
                              Friend(s) name: Can, Shane, Dustin, Blake, Hunter 
                              Fav color: blue
                              Hair color: blonde 
                              Hair length: mid-back (how long is that?) 
                              Skin tone: pale/tannish
                              Fav song: End Of Prom Night (Snow whites poison bite) 
                              (Power ranger ninja storm :))