The Abused Luna(COMPLETED)

The Abused Luna(COMPLETED)

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Maui By wolfieMK Completed

Aisha is the omega of the Red Moon Pack. She was beaten, starved, and bullied by her pack mates. She doesn't have and know her parents. She doesn't trust anyone.

Jakob is the alpha of the Blue Crescent Pack. He is strong and powerful. Just like any other alpha that haven't met their mate, he sleeps around with girls.

The Blue Crescent visits the Red Moon to arrange an alliance. What happens when Jakob finds out that Aisha is her mate? How about when he finds out his mate doesn't want him because of the abuse she was put through?

What will happen to the abused luna?

trigger warning, mature content heavy words
sequel: Claimed by my bully
highest rank: 5 as of 09/2/15

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frose6 frose6 Apr 18
Uhhh they can wear whatever they wanted to? No hate on book tho✌🏻
horse201 horse201 Apr 30
somehow i logged into lz_gamer account and wrote that comment, i was so freaked out!
Yea I know wah it feels like to be picked on lol buh if dah was my brother he will die by my hands😤
Parents: "Have u cleaned ur room?"
                              Me: Well, you see... No..."
                              Parents: ^
Sorry to say this hun but your book isn't very good. 
                              This plot has been used so many times and if you want to be an author try making your stories more orginal therefore it will be more enjoyable.
                              Once again sorry
MinSoongHyo MinSoongHyo Apr 16
I dont wear booty shorts or crop tops because im fat and i dont like how they look on me. But i do love my high heels so...