Skyris {GirlXGirl}

Skyris {GirlXGirl}

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smoaka16 By smoaka16 Updated Oct 26

Though once at peace their world is now rising in war. The Deamons and Angelo both have mighty kingdoms secluded  to their own races, run by monarchy's. And just like every great kingdom. There are always those who wish to see them fall.

Skyris is the mountainous region of floating lanshelfs the Angelo call home. Little is known of the lands queen, seen as cold and vicious she strikes fear in those unlucky enough to be caught in her presence.

One choice out of a hundred possibilities can change your view and put you in the middle of a dangerous game. A lesson learned too late by one who wanted to change things, but not like this.

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Rereading for the millionth time!
                              Love it soo much😍
                              I'm back to comment and hope for an update🤷🏽‍♀️
queenlexxox queenlexxox Dec 26, 2016
I've read this three times and I still haven't gotten a visual
Acepup Acepup May 30, 2015
YEE I can't wait for her to go to the Angelo ^-^ you got me hooked when you said evil queen and girl won't die :)