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Intoxicated I Love You // Kian Lawley [a.u.]

Intoxicated I Love You // Kian Lawley [a.u.]

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blurryface By ChasingMoran Updated Nov 11, 2016

she was the drug. 
he was the addiction.

KnjFriday KnjFriday Dec 12, 2016
I that wattpad didnt let u publish a chapter unless you actually wrote WORDS
KyleighHanson KyleighHanson Dec 07, 2015
Tbh- this story is really good so far, I'm a huge fan of kian #lawleypop! But yea this chapter was kinda funny
kiwibird700 kiwibird700 Oct 21, 2015
Omg I can't believe you know who Saywecanfly is, I live him so much
MadisonTalor MadisonTalor Oct 10, 2015
she's asking you to shut the fûck up okay? stop getting your dick in a twist.
kian_and_jc_and_drea kian_and_jc_and_drea Jul 01, 2015
are u gonna make a squel to the book : worth dying for??? and plz do or update that book cuz that book is/was soo good book and i want another book about the same 2 pepole gracie and kian in that book
YouTubeBandPhanTrash YouTubeBandPhanTrash May 24, 2015
alternate universe... like he's not in YouTube or all that stuff.