Save Me (Markiplier x reader)

Save Me (Markiplier x reader)

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Alex Embree By MetalFox333 Updated Oct 02, 2015

The car was going to LA. My and my family were going to relax from the drama for a while. I was excited for the trip. I mean school was stressful and I have a bully there who's a complete dick to me, so why not. I had headphones on as I watched the fields rush by. The sun was going down, making the sky orange and red. I smiled and closed my eyes. "Shattered" by Trading Yesterday was playing in my ears, calming myself down. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I opened one eye to see my brother, (brother's name), act out to pull off headphones. I pulled them off and gave him a confused look.


He pointed to my mother. "She asked a question."

I look over to my mother. "Oh sorry. Headphones."

She laughed. "It's ok, I understand. But I asked how (friends name) is? How's her boyfriend?"

I smiled. "Their ok. It so sweet to see them together." 

My dad chuckled and looked at me, a eyebrow lifted up. "Any boys you like?"

I punched him playfully. "No. I don't like that type of stuff right ...

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...I wish my mom was that nice when I couldn't hear her through my music...but nOOOO! I get in trouble!
Hmmm assuming my friend is a she psh they used to have a boyfriend but y'know... broke up. They were the ones who broke up with him tho, and there really was no hard feelings or drama.
I really don't enjoy how the nurse said that she 'has another father' ive been in a situation like that and they usally take a month for you to be put into another care-provider. Till then you just stay in a foster home.
Hmm... so you chose to go to LA for less drama..... riiiiiight.
Yikes... MOOOOM!!!!!! I HIT MY HEAD!!!
                              Mum: I'll get you an ice pack!
                              Me: -_- a what
                              Mum: er I mean..... a Gray Fullbuster?
                              Me: (^^) oh that'd be nice thank you
meanew_the_wolf meanew_the_wolf Oct 05, 2016
                              SHĮT JUST HIT THE FÜCKIN' FAN!!!!