A rich commoner? Ohshc fanfic

A rich commoner? Ohshc fanfic

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Yourbestknightmare By yourbestknightmare Updated Nov 21, 2015

Two words,
Hirosha Yamamato. 
She is as crazy as she is rebellious .
 Hirosha is a girl , 
a cute, funny, defiant and insane girl who might be a little cold the first time you meet here but don't worry under all that dark leather is a warm heart - a beating one I assure you. 
She has moved to Japan from homely England because of... unexpected circumstances.
She knows no one but every one seems to know her. 
You know, the rich kid who's only wealthy because her mom and dad left her a load of money after they fell sick and died. So she moved to start a new life at  a new school, Ouran Private Academy to be exact at her parents last request.
There she runs into the host club, there will be mischief there will be a happiness and most of all there will be romance. But is she really all that she seems or is she hiding some dark secrets?
Can you handle it all?

The characters in this book do not belong to me except for my OCs please do not copy my book and enjoy.

Word count: 2,979 wooh

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Not joking. I literally have that many alarms from 4:45 am to 10am
Rosekase Rosekase Jul 14
For extra dramaticism (i made that word up dont judge me) its THE door.
YASS I love this girl. Just be like 凸^-^凸 FUCKOFMOTHERFUCKERS
I'd spray paint it black, don't care how long it takes, I will graffiti
THE door. The door that kills evil souls making them learn for the next few years.