Shall We?{Claude X Sebastian}

Shall We?{Claude X Sebastian}

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--No longer a One Shot-- 

Pairing: Sebastian Michealis X Claude Fautis

Anime: BB(BlackButler)/Kuroshitsuji

Owners: Toshina Shinohara,Mari Okada [Only For The Anime] 

Owner of The Non-One Shot: 

Cover: I don't own it, I only edited it, all rights go to the owner/owners but at the bottom should hold the signature of the person. 

Rate: Mature Contains SMUT and YAOI SHOUNEN-AI! 

[Meeeeeeeeehhhh just read it?]

Why is this reminding me of that one episode of the Christian girl and Sebastian?
sazuki99 sazuki99 Aug 30
Is it bad I'm thinking of that scene where alois dresses as a girl and tricks ciel
trashy__ace trashy__ace Sep 13
IT WAS THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT(my apologies to my fellow Supernatural fans)
Mr. Glasses did all that just for his own glasses. That's awesome ^^'
HolliePorter6 HolliePorter6 Jul 28, 2015
OMFG! I couldn't even read it out loud, I grind my teeth as I was reading it though.