Worse Than Amnesia {Jasperico} [Completed]

Worse Than Amnesia {Jasperico} [Completed]

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That_Fan_Girl_ By That_Fan_Girl_ Updated Feb 05, 2016

Where am I? Who am I? Waking up to people staring, yelling, asking questions is very overwhelming. 

What happened to me? Why can't I remember anything? 

Wait... I do remember one thing. 

My name...

Is Perseus Jackson.

Contains Sexual Percy, Vulnerable Nico, and Graceful Jason.     

This story is a love triangle! Nico x Percy x Jason or in other words jasperico!!!

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DaAnnoyingDoggo DaAnnoyingDoggo Dec 21, 2017
Me literally every single day like: I'm surrounded be complete idiots. 😑
dont_mess_with_me_03 dont_mess_with_me_03 Aug 02, 2017
I like needles though......
                              Don't mind me xD it's late and I'm tired
Solangelo_shipper1 Solangelo_shipper1 Oct 18, 2017
He’s hot and cute and sweet and also the holder of PERSASSY
EmmaDoherty917 EmmaDoherty917 Nov 03, 2016
and this is what would happen if Mufassa and Scar had another brother who was black with sea green eyes and the three of them were in a threesome. Jason's mufassa, Nico's scar, and Percy would be the black one with green eyes
Death_by_crane Death_by_crane Feb 01, 2017
Wait, so Percy didn't remember who anyone were nor his adventures, camp, and even his own heritage. However, he does remember his name, the gods, and... SPONGE BOB? Why? How does that even make sense?