Second Generation (Fairy Tail Fanfic)

Second Generation (Fairy Tail Fanfic)

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~ °~ Space Mom ~ °~ By As-Cold-As-Ice Updated Jul 02, 2016

"Come on Storm. Wake up," Mom said as she shook me awake. I saw the twins clinging to her legs.

"Juvia! I need your help!" Dad said from downstairs.

"Oh geez. I really hope your father doesn't burn down the kitchen again," Mom said as she rushed downstairs. The twins stuck around.

"Onni-chan! Hurry up!" Sylvia urged. I changed.

"We're leaving!" I announced.

"Bye!" Mom and Dad called after us. My parents were Juvia and Gray Fullbuster. I am a fully trained Ice-Make wizard and have two siblings that are learning Water magic. I go to the Fairy Tail guild. Sylvia danced and skipped on the sidewalk. Rin stayed by my side. Sylvia was energetic. But not really compared to Nash and Luna. They were the son and daughter of Natsu and Lucy Dragneel.

To be honest, I had a crush on Luna. I could never tell her though. Nash was a year older and treats Luna like a baby. Nash didn't seem to mind but Luna did. She often yelled at him and was very polite. She did take after her mother after all. We...

sunshine226 sunshine226 Aug 18, 2015
hii its jazmin one of kathy friends but i just read this page and it already makes me want to see the show!
LevinaDreyar LevinaDreyar May 18, 2015
Well we couldn't have GrayLu at least now we have StoLu/Lunorm/Stona/ hehe