The Loser's Girlfriend [A Billie Joe Armstrong Fan Fiction]

The Loser's Girlfriend [A Billie Joe Armstrong Fan Fiction]

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Billie Joe Armstrong. Smart, badass, talented, handsome and, popular. A really cool kid. One that every girl from Stonewall High currently dreams of.

Chelsea Agatha Rhone. Quiet, conservative, hermit-like, nerdy and, alone. A really pretty person. One of the people that the population of Stonewall High doesn’t really care about.

Gerard Arthur Way. Witty, sneaky, handsome, talented and, Billie Joe’s best friend. Another cool kid. One that is prepared to beat Billie Joe in every bet.

But what happens if Billie Joe does lose in a bet? What would Gerard have in store for him?

To be Chelsea’s boyfriend, of course.

And no, the story doesn’t end with Chelsea finding out.

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IanaStyles IanaStyles Sep 16, 2016
10 years, i will made the new phone that makes everyone wow.
                              I'll make the new iRhone
Livvy_loves_pasta Livvy_loves_pasta Jun 19, 2016
Rereading this cuz I read it about 2 years ago when I didn't know MCR
cheesewhiiz cheesewhiiz Jul 23, 2015
I thought if Jacksepticeye "Egh... Badgers in my throat." 
                              I have a fangirl problem.
Forest1411 Forest1411 Aug 02, 2014
I like this story sooo much that I am re reading it!! It is very hard to find a good Bille Joe Armstrong fanfic I think that this is the only good one out there!
noted_ignorance noted_ignorance Jan 13, 2013
@XxBVB_rebelxX ohmygod, I actually had a hard time writing the description because I don't want to spoil anything about my story and, at the same time, put in the description what needs to be put out (insert awkward laugh here) but thanks for checking it out!! :D <3
Shameful_Bliss Shameful_Bliss Jan 12, 2013
When I read the description, I was thinking "Not Another Teen Movie" the whole time until the last line. :D