My Kidnapper says showering together is bonding. Yeah Right

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Marlyn wakes up in a dark room chained and hurt. Two mysterious beautiful mean are her kipnapped. One good One Evil. She finds out that their Vampires and she just food for the Marcus the evil brother. She befriends the only human in this sick place and Deep down Shes trying to understand him and his reasons.
This was the first book I read on wattpad I find it kinda curious
The first book i read on wattpad, i'm so glad that i found it again!!xD
This was the first book I read on wattpad when I was first introduced to it. Have been trying to find it again so I can vote on all the chapters and just to re-read it. I love it!~
I love this book.... I love Marcus!!!!! He is my favorite no matter what. This story was very well written and has alot of originality!!!!    :)
ps, angiexreads, your story is amazing, i actually cried when i thought Marylin was dead. I swear, you should really fix the typos, cause it would be even better. I also would be like Marylyn when i spoke too marcus and the king!
bloodsuckingvampires, your not that weird. I think I might too!