What? A Kiba Inuzuka love story

What? A Kiba Inuzuka love story

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Your p.o.v

You woke up slowly, for some reason you couldn't remember really anything about your life. Just your name and that you loved to fight.

As you come to reality, you were in a forest, in the middle of the day and you were tied to a tree.

"What the?......Where the heck am i?"  I looked around a bit and noticed another girl tied to another tree. She had short purplish hair and was small in frame. After looking around a bit more, i noticed the fire pit and 7 guys sitting around it. They looked like they were drinking and probably slightly buzzed at the moment. 

-ep!!- turning my head around i could see the girl was awake, looking very scared.

"Hey, over here." She turned and looked at you. "Do you remember how you got here? I kinda don't remember anything...by the way my name is rose."

"Hin...hinata....um...me and my team...got sep..separated on our...mi..mission and i found you passed out o...on the ground, but then i wa..was knocked ou..out."

"wow...ok one you stutter a l...

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Www6884 Www6884 May 17, 2017
Why da crap is there a fully trained chunin there if she's just gonna stand there!!!
ManthaLovesGucci ManthaLovesGucci Jul 15, 2016
The story is good so far, but I would recommend using capital letters when needed. It annoys me a little to read like that
TheDrJulia TheDrJulia Aug 27, 2013
this story is really good
                              it just has one of my biggest pet peeves over powered main characters 
                              but its still really good i like it