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She's a Monster Got7 JB

She's a Monster Got7 JB

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Claire By GimmeYugyeomGot7 Updated Feb 01

She's a Monster follows the story of Yunseo, Youngjae's older sister, as she finds her way into Got7's dorm, company and life! Before she knows it, Yunseo starts falling for Got7's perfect leader, her mind wandering from everything she's built up by this point in her life. Yunseo gets injured, maybe too often, and too stubborn to accept help, but is a generally cheerful person who looks up in admiration to the leader. Though initially in denial, Yunseo learns to accept her feelings. But what if JB doesnt!? *Gasp!*

Yello! I am Claire! So if you guys noticed, Wattpad deleted my story summary. AGAIN! How many is this now? Jeez!

So the characters are not mine. Well i mean, Got7 arent... and also, Youngjae and Yunseo's parents are divorced in this. This by no means, hints that I wish divorce upon Youngjae's parents! That is the last thing I would want, that's just how it turned out as I wrote this. And their dad is kinda a dick too, but this is not reality, and I do not believe Youngjae's dad is a dick... Just to clear up any possible misunderstandings! BUt I hope you enjoy reading she's a Monster! My updates are becoming slower since Im busy with school, but I'll try my best! Thank you for all your support! :D

BonBon1a BonBon1a Feb 18, 2016
I can get really pumped for a fangirl story like this 😂 My reaction will be really excited for a happy thing and etc
bangtention bangtention Aug 18, 2016
Its maknae not maknea btw, but this is some really crafty storyline. I like it, but to make it better,  add a few small details later on about what JB likes in her, for example "When she gets worried she'll crinkle her eyebrows together in the cutest ways"
Awesomenobody Awesomenobody Dec 28, 2016
You seem pretty cool as a Wattpad author. We should talk... Cause obviously, i'm way to weird to have friends 😂
btsgot7exotrash btsgot7exotrash May 18, 2016
This is me when I see dogs in the park xD I CANT HELP BUT SCREAM WHEN I SEE A CUTE ANIMAL!!
cantbemoved03 cantbemoved03 Jan 26, 2016
Helloooooo. Follow me please! :) Message me as well. Want to get to know you ㅋㅋ
kendalred kendalred Aug 26, 2015
I can't wait to read this lol, I have great hopes since I LOVE JAEBUM!❤️